Lenspen Laptop pro - Laptop Cleaner for screen and Keyboard LTP-1 (Original)

Lenspen Laptop pro - Laptop Cleaner for screen and Keyboard LTP-1 (Original)
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"All-in-one" cleaning the keyboard and screen on your pc
on one side is a pad made of ultra-soft suede, which contains a special blend dry cleaning
Dry cleaning composition based on carbon simply removes fingerprints, smudges, grease and never dry
It helps prevent the re-formation of greasy dirt and dust accumulation
patented technology proven global OEMs
on the other hand there are two brushes. One to remove dust from the screen, the other to remove dirt between the keys
It is a compact and easily portable cleaner suitable for daily use and for traveling
a removable cleaning pad sold separately
LensPen LapTop Pro Screen & Keyboard Cleaning System
The LensPen LapTop Pro Cleaning System is the all-in-one screen and keyboard cleaning system your computer has been waiting for. On one end is the ultra-soft optical grade chamois with their special non-liquid compound for removing messy fingerprints from the screen. On the other end are two brushes... one for removing dust from the screen and another for cleaning between the keys of the keyboard.
LensPen CellKlear Cleaning System
Designed for the tiny lenses found on camera phones, the LensPen CellKlear is just as effective for cleaning webcam lenses found on most laptop computers. Whether you're taking self portraits, chatting with friends or conferencing with important clients, the LensPen CellKlear will keep your notebook camera clear and smudge-free. Like all LensPens, the CellKlear contains a remarkable cleaning compound that removes fingerprints, smudges and grease marks with ease. It is safe for all lenses, including multi-coated surfaces, and the unique cleaning compound will not spill or dry out.
Ten (10) Screen Conditioning Tissues
These Screen Conditioning Tissues are designed to remove any hardened or sticky deposits on the surface of your computer screen. Once larger particles have been removed, these tissues finish the job with a gentle cleaning solution that quickly removes stubborn deposits.
Microfiber Cleaning Cloth
This versatile Microfiber Cleaning Cloth can be used to clean digital cameras, lenses, camcorders, mobile phones, computer screens, televisions, stereo equipment, glassware, jewelry... anything you like! Made from smooth, lint-free material, this cloth absorbs dirt and oily film from surfaces without chemicals. It absorbs quickly and dries quickly, and is safe for all surfaces. Plus, it can be washed and reused repeatedly.



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