Cokin H230 Wedding Filter Kit

Cokin H230 Wedding Filter Kit
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Cokin H230 Wedding Filter Kit: Includes P Series Filter Holder, Gray 1 Wide-Angle Center Spot Filter (P072), Wedding #1 White Filter (P148) and Diffuser 2 Filter (P084/840).
P072 - Center Spot Wide-Angle Grey 1
The Cokin P072 Center Spot Wide-Angle Grey 1 filter provides a larger center spot area than previous Cokin Center Spots. The filter has a clear spot in the center and allows for the portrayal of an object in a grey colored surrounding. The #1 (P072) provides a lighter background than the darker #2 (P073). The filter effect is directly influenced by the f-stop and the focal length. The transformation is softer with wider apertures. The size of the clear circular area increases relatively with the selection of longer focal lengths. The exposure determination should be done without the filter. If the camera has the capability of spot-metering, then one can measure with the filter in place.
P148 - Wedding 1 White
Creates a softer, diffused area in the lower third of the filter area.
P840 - Diffuser 2
Diffuser 2 have very little effect on the sharpness of the image. They merely diffuse highlights thus reducing contrast. As such, diffusers can be used to soften a landscape, or soften skin texture in a portrait to hide minor flaws.
Cokin P-Series filter holder
P072, P148 and P840 filter




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