Meike 3 Ring Auto Focus Extension Tube for Nikon (Original)

Meike 3 Ring Auto Focus Extension Tube for Nikon (Original)
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The Extension Tube Set can transform your Lens into a Macro Lens. It moves the lens from the film or digital sensor. The closer the focus is, the greater the magnification. The extension tube does not affect image quality as there is no optics inside. In comparison, a close up filter is often blamed for degrading the quality of image.
This is used by attaching between camera body and lens of the 35mm single-lens reflex camera.It comes as a set of tube of different lengths which singly or in combination makes it usable in 7 different lengths.
It couples perfectly with the camera's automatic diaphragm. With cameras of TTL, AE(Through-the-lens,Atuomatic Exposure) type it gives perfect coupling except when combined with electronic flash AE unit.
Auto Extension Tubes are compatible with Cannon - EOS
Tube diameter : ab.62mm.
Tube Lengths: (1) 13mm.(2) 21mm.(3)31mm.
This extension tube consists of 5 parts:
Material: Brass Chromed and ABS
color : black
Package included
1 x 12mm tube 
1 x 20mm tube
1 x 36mm tube
1 x Front Cap
1 x Rear Cap
1 x User Manual
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